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Taking the leap

Updated: Jan 14

Ok, so I’m going to start this off with a confession: this isn’t the first time I’ve attempted to start a blog.

The first time was actually in 2014, after I was made redundant from my job and was looking for freelance work. I came up with this great concept - or at least what I thought was a great concept. I was going to write a blog aimed at budget-conscious stay-at-home mums. It was going to be an instant hit. I’d fill it with shopping tips, how to guides and meal plans. I even had plans to write a cookbook to go alongside it.

But it turns out I got a bit ahead of myself with the planning, because I never got around to writing any actual content.

Attempt number two came a few years later. This time the theme was going to be mindful parenting. I even wrote an introductory post. But I was so afraid of offending someone that I rewrote it, then rewrote it a few more times, until it was so bland that no one would have wanted to read it anyway.

Fast forward to 2020 and the world changed in very weird ways. My social media channels, which are filled with content from mums just like me, started to spill over with comments about mum guilt. Not that we needed a pandemic to wreak havoc on on our mum guilt levels. For most of us, we were already edging dangerously close to the red zone on that pressure gauge anyway.

I’ve decided enough is enough. It’s about time I spoke out and started helping other mums, like I’ve wanted to do many times before.

So here it is. My first leap. My big confession:

My name’s Rebecca and I have mum guilt.

If you’re reading this and already have children, I don’t need to explain the concept of mum guilt to you. You already know what it is and what it does to you.

If you’re not a mum yet then brace yourself: mum guilt is The Big Thing that will overwhelm you pretty much as soon as you hold your child in your arms for the first time. It’s the thing that no one tells you about. And it’s the thing that you really, really wish they’d told you about.

It’s a bit like the Ring of Fire you get when you’re giving birth and the baby’s head is crowning. No one ever warns you about that bit either.

The reason no one tells you about mum guilt is that, if you knew about it, you’d probably never have children. It’s a feeling so immense that it can sometimes be utterly debilitating.

Yet mum guilt is just accepted as part of life, something we’ve got to carry with us as we wade through the sea of parenting responsibility. Why do we never stop to think how much easier life would be if we loosen the burden of guilt from our backs and let it sink to the bottom?

So I’m saying ‘No more’ to the mum guilt. Who’s with me?

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